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Lost at Sea – Tony Manfredonia [Review]

Lost at Sea – Tony Manfredonia [Review]

Lost at Sea is the title track from Tony Manfredonia’s latest EP.

It’s a delicately poised number, which oozes guile and emotion from the off. The whole orchestral feel of the tune is an absolute masterclass in musical arrangement. You get a real sense of, well, being lost at sea, as the eerie string tones and powerful vocals swirl around you. The whole track leaves its imprint on you long after it has finished.

The rest of the EP is equally orchestral and hits a consistently emotional tone throughout. It’s an astonishingly beautiful piece of music that switches from being quietly introspective, to bold, uplifting and ethereal. I could go on and on about how excellent this EP is, but it is best for you to just sit back and let the music do the talking.

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