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Loneborn – Lost In Your Space [Review]

Loneborn – Lost In Your Space [Review]

‘Lost In Your Space’ is the latest release from the self-described odd-ball collaboration known as Loneborn. Check it out here.

Loneborn create an unmistakably endearing alt-indie sound. The rhythms created on ‘Lost In Your Space’ are at the same time staccato and smooth, with charming vocal melodies drawn over a subtle, reverb-filled soundscape.

There are a couple of hooks here that’ll be swimming around your head for days. Get ready to mutter “give a little bit” under your breath on repeat for a week or so. Trust me, it’s addictive.

Loneborn’s charms are not only limited to their music. I love a band with a nice back-story and these guys don’t disappoint in that department either.

Having originally met in middle school, the duo took on separate career paths throughout the years and lost touch. Raul Garcia, a prolific commercial jingle-writer and indie rock producer, was reacquainted in 2016 with Jonathan Tuckler, a percussionist & graphic designer on the rise, when the two decided to jam over some beers.

When Tuckler began humming melodies and plotting out entire songs using only drums, Garcia decided the two should hit the studio to see how far the ideas could go.

And we’re glad they did! Make sure to follow Loneborn on Facebook for all the latest and if you haven’t already, hit play on ‘Lost In Your Space’ above.

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