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Loneborn – Bad Times [Review]

Loneborn – Bad Times [Review]

Loneborn’s single ‘Bad Times’ is a melting pot of unconventional sounds mixed with instruments to create a song that’s all about forgetting your previous mistakes and moving on.

At the start you’ll notice the sound of fingers tapping on a table, which later on blends in with the percussion.  The vocals dominate over the background beat during the first verse, before building up into a chorus filled with energy and eclectic sounds.

Notice the nod to Latin music which inspired the percussion that you’ll hear throughout, before morphing into samba carnival drums toward the end.  The electric guitar notes race around the backing beat, teamed with crystal clear vocals.

Lyrically, the repetition of ‘the worst mistakes are the best to learn from’ just re-enforces the idea of the artist reconciling his wrong doing, as we all do at some point.

A free-flowing song, this is a perfect example of an artist blending the sounds of everyday life into their music, and creating with it a unforgettable ambience.


Review by Helen Radford

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