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Lo-Ke & Shadow Kyd – Woke [Review]

Lo-Ke & Shadow Kyd – Woke [Review]

Lo-Ke has teamed up with Shadow Kyd on the soul-infused ditty Woke.

Woke is a super mellow and catchy track from the minds of Lo-Ke and Shadow Kyd. Lo-Ke’s vocals flow over the big bass sound and delicately placed arrangement that Shadow Kyd lays down. It’s a perfect example of less is more, as the minimalistic approach creates a scintillating soundscape. The vocals compliment the sultry musical underbelly, in turn providing a unique take on the increasingly popular neo-soul genre.

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking you are listening to a new Kid Cudi track with this one. The whole track has the same guile and confidence as the American rapper. It comes across as effortless, which is when you know that you are witnessing musicians at the top of their game. Woke is perfect to stick on at any time of day, no matter what mood you’re in.

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