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Lizzy Land x Back Talk – Bad Things [Review]

Lizzy Land x Back Talk – Bad Things [Review]

We take a listen to the beautifully haunting new track ‘Bad Things’ by LA based singer/songwriter Lizzie Land.

Recently put forward as one of the most inspiring female musical artists by Massive Music, Lizzie Land is someone who is stands out as someone really special right now, on the thriving music scene in Los Angeles. She is also on the Buzzfeed list for 18 emerging artists to watch out for in 2018.  Listening to her new track, ‘Bad Things’, you can easily hear why Lizzie Land is generating this intense level of interest.  Originally from Portland, Oregon, this talented artist has now been working for quite some time in LA, and names but a few of her musical influences as Enya, and the late, extremely talented lead singer of the Cranberries, Delores O’Riordan.  Lizzie has already worked with big names, such as Paul Oakenfold and Empire of the Sun.

‘Bad Things’ is has a glorious sonorous electronica sound, and Lizzie Land’s vocals really resonate with their sweet, melancholy echo.  The infectious sounding synths pulsate through, and this wonderful blend results in what has been described as, ‘a song that sounds a bit like an addicted person who is consciously diving head first into repeated bad decisions. The kind of bad habit you don’t want to shake.’  One thing is for sure, this is a track that you really won’t want to shake and will have you hitting the repeat button over and over.

It’s clear that through her songwriting and producing with other people, Lizzie Land has really developed her own beautifully refined vocal style and overall sound.  She boasts millions of Spotify plays already, and we are looking forward to hearing a great deal more from this extraordinarily talented artist this year.  You can listen to Lizzie Land now on Spotify!


Review by Elaine Summers

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