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Livia Blanc has surfaced to our screens in 2018 with her unique cover of John Lennon’s prestigious “Jealous Guy”.

The cover allows Livia’s vocal talent to shine through beautifully, consequently mesmerizing the listener. The soft use of the guitar makes the track appear both calmer, and more relaxed which is perfect for listening in the cold winter months.

Although Livia Blanc was raised in Tahiti, she was born in the South of France and has been heavily influenced by her artist parents from a young age which has led to her to be where she is today.

In 2017, Blanc released her debut singles: “Amour Amour” and “My Hyde”. This year we are introduced to a summer-infused and increasingly upbeat track known as “Chocolat Café, Passion”. Livia is currently working on her debut EP alongside Coyle Girelli and Andrew Horowitz.

Alongside working on her new EP, Livia Blanc has also had the time to sell-out a performance for Standard Sounds East in Manhattan. Blanc will also be performing on 6th of Feb at Rockwood Music Hall and at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Feb 16th. Judging from Livia’s latest covers and releases, 2018 appears to be an exciting year for the artist, and we are immensely excited to see what the future holds.


Review by Victoria Harris

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