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Live Review: Pink Kink at the Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Live Review: Pink Kink at the Soup Kitchen, Manchester


On the back of a mini-tour around the UK and a performance at LIMF, Pink Kink blew Manchester’s Soup Kitchen away with their unique sound, energy and stage presence. They took to the stage at 9:30pm to celebrate Soup Kitchen’s 7th birthday bash and they certainly brought the party! The Liverpool quintet have a great mix of playful melodies, harsh distorted sounds and the power of 2 bass guitars, which reverberated around the packed underground basement.

The talent within the group is unquestionable. Every band member has a part to play and they execute it with class. You get an overriding feeling that the band clearly enjoy playing to a crowd. The swapping of instruments between songs, along with excellent harmonies and the overall craft of their songwriting really highlights their potential. Pink Kink are obviously having a ball and are inviting you to share it.

The music is heavy, with grungy, pysch-pop undertones – it draws you in before throwing you back into the venue, with jarring rhythm changes and manic mood swings throughout their songs. Your head is left ringing, like drinking strong coffee followed by a spot of chamomile tea. There really isn’t a dull moment!

No wonder they are touted as one of the best emerging bands of the fuzzy new wave pysch scene.


Image credit: @LeeroyUtah


While the band haven’t put any tracks out there just yet, I’ve heard through the grapevine that there is a debut single in the pipeline. If their live show is anything to go by, it should be a really exciting debut for them and definitely something to look out for.

Up next is the Manchester Pysch Festival on 2nd September, so head on down to see what they are all about.

Make sure to check out Pink Kink’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest info on upcoming shows and new music.


Words by Tom Crowder


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