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Little Brother Eli – Our Kind Of Love [Review]

Little Brother Eli – Our Kind Of Love [Review]

Little Brother Eli share their funk-laced indie track ‘Our Kind Of Love’.

Little Brother Eli - Our Kind of Love (Official Lyrics Video)

There’s an undeniable dance-inducing rhythm to this track. Think Maroon 5 with more attitude and edge. Energetic melodies blend with electronic cuts, combining rock, disco, soul and perhaps even hip-hop influences to create a big sound.

This is an addictive track and Little Brother Eli are clearly brimming with potential, serving up a commercially accessible sound with just enough edge to swim in the alternative waters that’ll make them stand apart from generic top 40 pop.

We’ll be looking out for more from these guys, and if you haven’t already, check out the slick lyric video above.

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