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Ley Landon – Team [Review]

Ley Landon – Team [Review]

Electronic rapper Ley Landon has released latest single ‘Team’.

A baddie anthem fit for the runway, ‘Team’ is the new single from Brisbane electronic rapper Ley Landon.

‘Team’ was inspired by Ley Landon’s fierce squad full of strong personalities, and the recording process made him feel beyond confident, a feeling that is integral to this track. It’s heavy beat makes you feel like you’re strutting down a high fashion runway, or dancing in the most exclusive club. ‘Team’ is high energy, sassy and confident.

Ley Landon is an LGBT electronic rapper based in Brisbane. His sound is heavily influenced by female MC’s such as Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat and Lady Leshurr. Working with artists like Chloe DMND and Disposition, Ley Landon has been releasing original music for little over a year, using it as a platform to explore his identity and promote self-confidence.

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