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Lethe – City Life [Review]

Lethe – City Life [Review]

City Life is the latest single from Croatian outfit, Lethe, who are inviting you to tap into the Funk-Rock genre and have a ball.

It’s a breath of fresh air to a sometimes stuffy and overdone genre, hitting you with bursts of funkified guitar parts and a bass tone that rumbles right through you. It’s not overbearing though, with the lazy vocal style, accompanied by the tight drumming, creating a tune that you can just saunter through, all the while bopping your head.

You immediately make connections to early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, particularly in the guitar and bass parts. There’s also a more contemporary twist too. Whether through the vocal sound and melody, or the general arrangement of parts, City Life brings about echos of Ty Segall. That raw Californian surf punk essence is dusted over the unmistakable funk drive and has produced a tune that will allow you to get your groove on for sure!

By Tom Crowder

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