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Leska – One and Only feat. LIA [Review]

Leska – One and Only feat. LIA [Review]

French duo Leska deliver irresistible electronic magic on their latest release, ‘One and Only’, featuring LIA.

With their latest single, ‘One and Only’, French electronic duo Leska have crafted a sound that is gorgeously poignant, yet bursting with light-hearted energy. Featuring vocals by American artist LIA, ‘One and Only’ is a joyous, radio-ready hit that holds its own alongside today’s top producers.

Both parts of Leska – Les Gordan and Douchka – are established DJs and talented musicians. They bring their musical expertise together on ‘One and Only’, combining tropical EDM elements with ideas that draw from a much broader palette of music.

LIA’s smooth vocals give the track a beautiful, defiant pop edge, with authentic lyrics that deal with all the confusion and uncertainties that come with relationships. The track’s hook sums up those relatable worries about commitment perfectly: “You’re gonna be so lonely / If you think I’m your one and only.”

‘One and Only’ is a dazzling track that will serve as the perfect soundtrack to those long summer evenings to come.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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