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Leopard Lake – Further [Review]

Leopard Lake – Further [Review]

‘Further’ is the atmospheric and audibly beautiful second single from Australian electro-pop duo ‘Leopard Lake’.

Right from the off, as the drums kick in, you sense that there’s something big on it’s way. That turns out to be very true, as the instrumentals and vocals cut through. The production from Sam Ford is incredibly smooth but complex at the same time, with samples of guitars and synths, creating an atmosphere to the track, that’s complemented incredibly well by singer Storm Wyness’ vocals.

With certain types of electronic music, you’d find distortion applied to the vocals, but thankfully, it’s not applied here. There is a slight echo, but besides that, it’s very raw and uninhibited. It’s a very good thing too, as Wyness’ vocals are incredibly striking and beautiful. The combination of these elements creates an intoxicating atmosphere to the track, and it’s one that sticks with you long after the song finishes.

This is just the duo’s second single, and it’s a huge statement of intent. They are set to release their debut EP at some point this year, and I think it’ll certainly be worth looking out for.


Review by Joseph Russ

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