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The Leers – Honest [Review]

The Leers – Honest [Review]

Hailing from Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand, indie four-piece The Leers share their new track ‘Honest’.

‘Honest’ begins with an Alex Turner feel from the vocalist and as the song moves on, the lead singer’s range stretches beyond Turner’s.  The vocals are complimented nicely with a slick guitar riff and an effective but simplistic drum pattern, which contribute to the song’s indie sound and pull the finished product together. Energy oozes with acceleration as the song gradually climaxes and comes to a soft ending.

The Leers are Arctic Monkeys laced with Glass Animals, with enough uniqueness to also claim their own individuality. If you’re looking for a song to accompany you in the car journey to work or while you’re enjoying your morning coffee, ‘Honest’ is a perfect fit to lift you from that half-asleep yet half-awake morning daze. Sit back and give your ears an indie treat.


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Review by Sammi Hamilton

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