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Leena Punks – Hestia [Review]

Leena Punks – Hestia [Review]

Leena Punks is sending us into a trance with her latest track ‘Hestia’.

‘Hestia’ is the name to remember; she is the Ancient Greek Goddess of home and family life and is also the first track release from Leena Punks’ new EP ‘Olympia’, inspired by Ancient Greek goddesses in a 2020 era. Taking time during lockdown to work on her EP, Leena began to experiment with her own vocals: “I started by reading all the notifications of my smartphone to get comfortable with hearing my own voice during production. I ended up using those vocals on the track.”

After drawing a link on what our new sense of ‘home’ is within the advanced world, Leena used the separate entity that is curated information from a Smartphone ‘home’ screen, to provide the lyrics for Hestia’.

“The separate identity curated on our phones kind of dictates to an extent our view of the world and in some cases the state of our mental health.” explains Leena Punks as she delves deeper into the inspirations behind the track.

Following the success of her previous release for ‘Jack Dat Body’, this inventive electronic artist is now releasing through her own, brand new label, ‘Punks Trade’. For fans of Bicep, Grimes and Prospa, ‘Hestia’ is an insight into the modern world whilst providing the escapism we love from dance music! A taste of electronic genius from Leena Punks, check out ‘Hestia’ now!

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