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Laventure – GIVE [Review]

Laventure – GIVE [Review]

Strasbourg based Laventure provide a glimpse of their psychedelic pop world with their latest track GIVE.

This is a track that is so wonderfully smooth that it’s hard not to be swept away by it. Right from the start, Laventure invite you to join their psychedelic wonderment. The twee vocal line and sumptuous synth melody set the tone. By the time the bass and guitars come in, you are already grooving under their cosmic spell.

The excellent mix of psychedelic and soul nuances create a similar vibe to a Conan Mockasin track. The difference here is that Laventure have a remarkable knack of bringing in memorable pop hooks to offset the underlying uniqueness. In turn, this creates a spectacularly relatable piece of psych-pop wizardry, designed to appeal to anyone. If you’re looking for your next song to stick on repeat, then look no further.

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