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Lauran Hibbard – Fun Like This [Review]

Lauran Hibbard – Fun Like This [Review]

Isle of Wight 20 year old singer/song writer Lauran Hibbard, has released her latest track Fun like this, following her recent performance on the main stage at Bestival 2017.

Lauran wrote Fun Like This, after spending a night at a super dingy house party, which she hated every second of. Lauren explained that the song is inspired by the idea that everyone tries to fit in with people around them and said “this song is a big fat no thanks to that”.

The song starts with a strong guitar solo combined with a steady beat of the drums which becomes more apparent when the vocals start. The song  effortlessly strikes a poetic imbalance between pop and folk.

The track marks a change for Hibberd, as she explains, “I feel like there is something really raw about it – particularly production wise. I feel like there’s a newfound drive and confidence in it.”

If you’re among the many who don’t conform to the things expected of a young twenty-something year old, this is the perfect anthem for you.


Review by Lucy Coombs

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