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The Brooklyn duo Late Cambrian are back with their new catchy track entitled ‘Girl Bag Holder.’

The duo first came to our attention in 2010 with their first album entitled ‘The Last Concert.’ In true electro-pop style the track focuses on electronics alongside a pop synth sound. It is not surprising that Late Cambrian have gained such a fan base as their music is always so uplifting. It oozes positivity and the rising and falling melodies throughout are instantly infectious.

The video produced for the track embodies the songs happy go lucky vibe. In keeping with the title, there is a girl bag holder in the video. However despite this the video lacks a narrative arc. Its randomness is very fitting with the sound of the song and in keeping with the duo’s lighthearted ideal. This song is a perfect pick me up and instantly fills you with joy


Review by Georgia Jackson

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