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Lance Shapiro – Momma’s Theme [Review]

Lance Shapiro – Momma’s Theme [Review]

If you’re looking for a chilled out tune to add to your playlist then you should definitely give Lance Shapiro’s newest song ‘Momma’s Theme’ a listen.

In the past Shapiro has produced all of his work, however this track was produced by the well-established singer/songwriter Tom Misch, best known for songs such as ‘Crazy Dream’ and ‘Losing my Way.’ ‘Momma’s Theme’, Shapiro’s newest track, has a dulcet sound which is mellow from the outset and throughout. Although the song lacks a central hook or refrain, its long-form verse is still captivating.

The ease of the song has a lyrical emotional drive which fits well with its sincere sound. It’s fixating beat is hypnotic and when combined with Shapiro’s rap lyrics it produces a really unique vibe that highlights the emcee’s shear talent. The nineteen year old has been captivated with making music since a young age and he has been writing and producing ever since. Shapiro has really made his mark with this track and he is clearly coming to grips with his own style. Lance Shapiro is definitely one to watch out for.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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