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Oakville, Ontario-based rock group Lacklustre likes a challenge. In promising a mixture of catchy melodies of today’s pop with the gritty guitar instrumentals of classic rock, Lacklustre has created a single that challenges the current tide of music easily defined by genre.

‘Fading Slowly’ is everything that is good about rock: a guitar instrumental nearly three-fourths of the way through the song is the kind of exhilarating solo that defines the rock genre and has entranced crowds for decades.

Though debatable if Lacklustre is creating a sound previously ‘unchartered’—if you’ve heard any type of pop-rock song from the early-to-mid-aughts, then you can imagine what this song sounds like with ease—their quirk of being un-retouched and unfussy is refreshing in the music industry.

With Daina Schreiber on vocals, Kyle Hosick on guitar, Mike Lett on bass, and Brian Matthews on drums, the quartet has an undeniable ease when playing with each other. They are confident both in their skill and in the music that influences them:

According to guitarist Kyle Hosick, the band’s focus has been on capturing the essence of the songs they have written by looking to rock acts of the 70s and 80s for inspiration.

A fine and good nod to classic rock, the highly skilled Lacklustre has made a quality track with the unfortunate tendency to sound more like the intro song to a sitcom.


By Madison Obermeyer

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