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Labán – Acércate [Review]

Labán – Acércate [Review]

Never have I been more convinced that music is a form of language in and of itself than when I listened to the first 10 seconds of ‘Acércate,’ the newest single by Labán.

The track is the fourth single released from ‘Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí,’ the Tijuana, Mexico native’s upcoming album.

Smooth saxophone and playful guitar tie luscious vocals up in a decadent little bow—a bow begging to be undone, that is. According to Labán, ‘Acércate’ is about the pain of a complicated, yet short, relationship that left him wanting more. His soaring success in capturing that type of unattainable lust is extraordinary and has quite literally left listeners wanting more.

The track features a collaboration with Jeff Miguel, a Denver-based tenor saxophonist, and post-production engineer Mike Makowski. The resulting product is nothing short of the integrity and passion put into the track; it is not sloppy, it does nothing on accident, and it tells its story in an emotionally raw way.

There is something almost nostalgic about listening to Acércate. I felt as if I were in a trance, and that if I closed my eyes I would be in a low-lit, moody cafe off of a quiet city street with a glass of red wine and the pain of an ended relationship swirling in my head—and of course, Acércate playing in the background.

Maybe it’s that I don’t speak Spanish so I was partial to the feeling created as a whole versus individual components of the song, but it is without a doubt an incredulous sign of the Labán’s skill and love for what he does. Thankfully, there’ll be a full album soon.


By Madison Obermeyer

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