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La Palma – La Palma [Review]

La Palma – La Palma [Review]

This is the new self-titled debut album from Philadelphia/Washington DC musical duo La Palma.

There’s an unmistakably dreamy tone to this one. As the album progresses, you’ll fall further into La Palma’s psychedelic sound, but don’t worry, this is a good trip!

Kaleidoscope-like layers of melody, rhythm, and found sounds, steeped in beachy psych-pop and indie-folk give the record an immersive sound.

La Palma’s release is the result of a year’s worth of collaboration by band members Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon – both multi-instrumentalists and vocalists – who composed, performed, recorded, and produced the album. With bandmates split between Philly and DC, the recording was created correspondence-style, passing recordings back and forth to build many-layered compositions.

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