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La Mer – Right here, right here, right here [Review]

La Mer – Right here, right here, right here [Review]

Right here, right here, right here is the debut EP from Swedish band La Mer.

The impressive debut EP from La Mer is filled to the brim with delicate indie-pop hooks and sensuous surf rock psychedelia. There’s also flutterings of 90s rock grunginess thrown in as well as sweetly woven melancholic ballads. Right here, right here, right here is one of a kind and has something in the mix for everyone.

The EP starts with La Mer and Portugal, two tracks that make you feel like you are thrust into a movie scene. The echoey guitar and melodic whistling at the start of La Mer, as well as the lofty vocals, give the feeling you are in a film noir setting. The same goes for Portugal, as the fusion of staccato rhythm guitar and accordion would be perfect for any Tarantino film soundtrack.

Up Next is Pineapple Dream, which takes on a slightly different approach. La Mer bring in a raw grungy emotion, with hard-hitting guitar tones and a heavier drumming pattern. There’s a dense haze that surrounds the track, allowing you to sink deeper into the lucid flow that makes this EP so enticing.

The last two tracks, Pollen and The Only Rain, are heartfelt slow burners. They are both elegantly poised, with a gentle sway to them. It’s like you are being slowly lifted back into the real world, having had your 16 minutes of escape. The delicate arpeggios and lullaby-esque vocals are soothing when they need to be and rough around the edges when everything kicks off at the end.

Right here, right here, right here is 5 tracks of sheer delight; a movie-like escapade that’s musically spot on and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s 16 minutes of your life that will not be wasted, so sit back, relax and let them take you on a journey of your own.

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