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L8Loomer – Good For That (Feat Anne Dereaux) [Review]

L8Loomer – Good For That (Feat Anne Dereaux) [Review]

The LA artist and the king of groove L8Loomer is back with a vengeance with his new single ‘Good for That’.

L8Loomer first came to our attention under the name Broderick Batts producing songs that focused on native lyricism and varying speeds. Now under the name L8Loomer, he is well known for his hybrid music style. He never conforms to one genre and he is a truly experimental artist. ‘Good for That’ his new single in true L8loomer fashion is stylistically unique combining R&B elements with aspects of hip-hop and dance.

The single embodies a soulful vibe alongside a powerful rhythmic beat that is so compelling and infectious that it makes you want to listen to it on repeat. The groove of the track is honestly on another level, and it has a consistent hazy feel throughout that oozes a dreamlike vibe. R&B artist Anne Dereauxs’ sultry tone also compliments this hazy feeling perfectly and adds to the sensuality of the song.

Not only is this track stylistically unique, the lyrics also showcase L8Loomer’s talent for writing. It’s an individualistic, captivating and alluring track, delving into the struggles of young love and adulthood.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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