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KTEE – Louder [Review]

KTEE – Louder [Review]

Austrian-born-and-based singer-songwriter KTEE has released her latest self-love single, ‘Louder.’

A bonafide anthem, ‘Louder’ hints at the dangers and negative aspects of social media and encourages listeners to put down the phone and experience life for what it really is, right in front of them.

KTEE’s dynamic vocal style is a powerful supplement to her lyrics; listeners can, at once, understand her song and feel it. KTEE burst onto the music scene in 2016 with her debut single ‘Rock Your Life,’ one of her many optimistic, feel-good tracks.

Synthetic pop, infectious guitar and drum instrumentals blend into a contagious backdrop — I’ve never wanted to sing along to a song more in my life. Powerful in its message and a fully fledged battle cry, ‘Louder’ is the exact sort of reminder people of all ages need in their lives.

KTEE is raising her voice in this latest release, both for the causes she stands behind and for the people she cares about, and the music industry is better — stronger— because of it.


By Madison Obermeyer

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