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Kseniyah – Let It Fly [Review]

Kseniyah – Let It Fly [Review]

London-based Sibirian-born artist Kseniyah has released her first inspirational single “Let It Fly”.

Kseniyah - Let It Fly (Official Music Video)

Filmed in the English countryside, the music video for “Let It Fly” creates an authentic sense of wonder – the perfect accompaniment for this inspiring song.

“Let It Fly” is a no-holds-barred power ballad, which generates a raw and emotional reaction from the listener with soaring notes, meaningful lyrics and an inspiring message. Kseniyah says she started working on her music after overcoming a life-changing illness, and this sense of achievement comes across this powerful track.

Kseniyah also says she wants to pass to her listener life energy and meaning she found after her experience. “Let It Fly” is a calling for all dreamers. Theres definitely some Disney influences here and the song touches on self-belief and the importance of taking that first step to your true self.

Kseniyah writes, composes and performs pop music with a focus on deeply meaningful lyrics. Her signature sound is her sensual low voice combined with bright higher registers. She is currently working on her first EP to be released in 2020.

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