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Kongg – Memory Lane [Review]

Kongg – Memory Lane [Review]

Straight from the mind of composer, Henry Mitton, comes this fresh cut, Memory Lane, bursting with groove and raw power.

The Art-Rock anthem kicks of with a killer drum beat, which is not too far off Radiohead’s ’15 step’. You familiarise instantly and remember the first time you heard the 2007 classic, the head bopping accompanying this track too.

However, this is not just a tune for Radiohead fans. It’s not as jarring as you would come to expect from a Radiohead inspired song, with the smooth vocals, atmospheric keys and ambient sounds creeping into the mix but not as ‘shouty’ for want of a better word. It’s a great technique as it renders the tune instantly likeable and so won’t ostracise people who have never given this style a go before.

What’s interesting is the element of mid – late 90s R&B traits shining through with the use of the great harmonious vocal styling. Think Seal and Lighthouse Family and you’ll know what I mean. What also sets this track apart from the others is the excellent use of tempo change which goes hand in hand with the song title insofar as taking a trip down memory lane. It creates the same sensation when you are travelling through your own memory’s, trawling through them one by one, vivid, hazy and some that take time to locate.

Overall this is a chilled out tune that boarders on the sinister at parts, yet remains up beat enough to please everyone – its a fantastic gateway to get you grooving to this genre. You can find Memory Lane and 4 other tracks on the mini album/EP, ‘A Box of Hammers’, that came out December 2017.


Review by Tom Crowder

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