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Kitchenette – Upon the Shoulders [Review]

Kitchenette – Upon the Shoulders [Review]

Kitchenette glow bright on their new single, ‘Upon the Shoulders’.

Indie rock collective Kitchenette haven’t been on the scene very long, but the Dutch band have already formed a deeply conscious and defined sound. ‘Upon the Shoulders’, the latest single from their debut EP, ‘Berserkia’, basks in the glory of youthfulness, and shows a band on the cusp of great things. The track sees Kitchenette pulling from influences like Kurt Vile and The War On Drugs, employing a laid-back approach and indie surf-rock ideas to paint a nuanced portrait of millennials.

While the sound is polished and mature, the lyrics manage to perfectly capture the pains and confusions of what it means to be young: ‘Although we don’t know what we need / Punching clocks will not make us happy.’ The soulful vocals in the chorus drive this theme home, bringing together all the feelings of triumphant hedonism, paired with an underlying anxiety, that define the modern experience of youth.

Although the lyrics delve into some pretty heavy concepts about the struggles of millennials, the instrumentation is universally appealing, meaning that ‘Upon the Shoulders’ is still the perfect soundtrack for sitting around with friends, or taking meandering road trips, on lazy summer evenings. In other words, Kitchenette are your prescribed summer listening.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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