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Kios – Be Loved [Review]

Kios – Be Loved [Review]

Nashville three-piece Kios release a debut single to ‘Be Loved’.

Kios are a three-piece indie rock band formed at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee by vocalist and guitarist Cole Suddarth; bassist Mitch Wollenberg and drummer Aaron Krak.  Suddarth and Krak had met through a previous band, whilst Krak and Wollenberg had grown up together in Newark, Ohio.   All three members had moved to Nashville in 2014 to pursue their musical ambitions.  They moved in together during summer 2017 and began to think about creating music.  Suddarth decided to visit his hometown of Richmond, Virginia for part of the summer and began writing and demoing songs for the project.  The three began sending demos backwards and forwards and named their new band Kios.

The first fruit of Kios’s hard work can be heard on their debut single, ‘Be Loved’.  Having already been launched across three platforms and receiving over 5,000 plays within the first week, ‘Be Loved’ is causing quite a stir.  Fans of Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix and MGMT will be instantly drawn to the single’s infectious, summery pop grooves and Suddarth’s melodic and dreamy vocal delivery.  After hearing ‘Be Loved’ for the first time, I have the song’s dizzyingly catchy central riff reverberating around my head and bringing a smile of jaw dislocating proportions to my face.  I am now eager to hear more from Kios, who I am reliably informed are planning their debut EP for release before the end of the summer.  In the meantime, fall in love with ‘Be Loved’, a sun-drenched summer pop classic in the making.


Review by Alice Jones

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