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Kingsman Khan – Just Sure [Review]

Kingsman Khan – Just Sure [Review]

Just Sure is the latest track from Kingsman Khan.

Sydney based Kingsman Khan takes inspiration from the 70s & 80s electro-pop in this new summertime banger. The beat is infectious and the synth tones are superbly uplifting. You can’t help but adore it on first listen as the jaunty rhythm washes over you. It has all the elements of a spectacular electro-pop hit.

Even though you can hear the 70s & 80s sweeping across this tune, there are more contemporary influences apparent, too. The laidback, catchy and unique vocals are quite similar to Empire of the Sun, and the jangly synth aesthetic wouldn’t be out of place in an Animal Collective hit. I guarantee you will have no choice but to wear a smile on your face once you’ve had a listen to this one.

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