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King Brian – Reparations [Review]

King Brian – Reparations [Review]

Reparations is the new track from King Brian.

Following on from his previous release Blood Sweat & Tears, King Brian is back with a new tune that is equally emotionally evocative. Dealing with themes of oppression, Reparations is a sharp take on the hardship African-Americans have had to deal with for hundreds of years. Starkly poetic, the track lays the history down and details the contemporary issues that are still apparent in today’s communities.

Coupled with the vocal performance, the production gives the track a solid edge. Both are bold and honest, assimilating with the theme perfectly. The use of autotune provides a catchy element to the tune as well. It keeps enough of a modern R&B feel to it to ensure it will strike a chord with all who listen. Reparations is out for you to take in now.

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