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Kinda Sorta – Celebrity [Review]

Kinda Sorta – Celebrity [Review]

Celebrity is the debut track from Detroit based Kinda Sorta.

Written by Noah Fenton and performed alongside a small group of friends, Celebrity is a coy take on celebrity culture and how the media presents the celebs as ‘better-than-the-rest’. With a theme like this, it only makes sense for the tune to be a punk-inspired rip roarer. It’s filled to the brim with screechy guitars and bolshie vocals. There’s also a rejuvenation of counter-culture vibes here, as the strong lyrical imagery packs an almighty punch with the listener.

Kinda Sorta give you a brash taste of the same Californian surf-punk aesthetic that artists like Ty Segal are famed for. Celebrity oozes coolness and swagger, as the carefully poised guitar work is set perfectly in tandem with the staggering vocal style. It’s a track that has so many things going for it, that it’s impossible to find any faults. Next time you’re feeling like you need to satiate your surf-punk appetite, then look no further than here.

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