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Kidd Bayou – Gold [Review]

Kidd Bayou – Gold [Review]

Kidd Bayou’s Luke Hall and Joey Colando, pool their extraordinary musical talents producing the sumptuously melodic track Gold.

Some might say a collaboration made in heaven with two fantastic talents coming together and creating a sound that’s as unique as it smooth listening. Luke Hall is no stranger to the musical scene spending a lot of his time producing music for Indie bands in Oregon, he filled the rest of his time working on his solo career Last Home. Luke also enjoyed a stint playing for Los Angeles based band Dayplayer. In comparison Joey Colando grew up musically speaking working on his song writing, he too enjoyed band time playing for the L.A based folk band Meekos and Me.

Both have brought unique talent to the table and the result is fantastic one with their track Gold hitting all the right notes. Dripping with emotion and heart felt melody Gold is a subtle yet beautiful tale of woe, loss and revival. Background vocals from Lisa Rono heat the track at a low simmer with a smooth delectability.

The whole track embodies deep sadness and yet manages to fill you with a hope of things to come. Although it takes you on somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster, it’s a ride very much slowed down at a pace that’s not only enjoyable but inspirational, listening to Kidd Bayou’s Gold, for the third time I might add, I can safely stand in defiance of anyone not to be moved in some way.


Review by Matthew Waters

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