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Kenward – Safe and Sound

Kenward – Safe and Sound

Simple & Tender, new dad Kenward is speaking from the heart.

Inspired by his transition into fatherhood, ‘Safe and Sound’ is the tender debut album from singer-songwriter Kenward. Wanting to write a song for his son, ‘Safe and Sound’ follows the story of a parent who will protect their child for the rest of their lives.

 “I keep my tracks quite simple with guitar, sometimes some strings and drums but the music is raw to suit the emotions being conveyed.” 

Expressing himself with tender vocals, gentle harmonies and lulling instrumentals, ‘Safe and Sound’ will find a home in your heart. Using music as a tool to channel his emotions and process the overwhelming parts of life, Kenward has been involved in music since he was young. For fans of Ed Sheeran and James Arthur, his voice has a wonderful purity and clarity of tone that carries his messages through. Keeping his instrumentals simple, he allows his voice to shine through and lift the song. His debut EP is a four track collection of songs dedicated to parenthood and his children.

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