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KellyMarie – Spotlight Tonight [Review]

KellyMarie – Spotlight Tonight [Review]

‘Spotlight tonight’ is the newest single from the Dallas born singer/songwriter Kelly Marie.

The single comes from her upcoming debut EP, ‘On A Whim’ which is due to be released at the end of August. The songs on the EP are all about choosing to embrace the un-certainty of life, particularly your mistakes. Not being bound to your troubles, and looking on the brighter side of life is the message that Marie is trying to communicate through her music.

This uplifting message is in keeping with ‘Spotlight Tonight’s halcyon and auspicious tone, as well as Kelly Marie’s mellow sounding lyrics. Inspired by singers such as, Sarah Jaffe and the Queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald, Marie’s sound takes elements from multiple genres but with a strong jazz focus. I adore the positivity Marie endorses within her music, her upcoming EP is sure to be a hit with her fans. If you haven’t given ‘Spotlight Tonight’ a listen yet then you definitely should!


Review by Georgia Jackson

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