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KEEF – Satellite [Review]

KEEF – Satellite [Review]

Indie-rock outfit KEEF share their latest single Satellite.

Satellite is a psychedelic indie jam, with subtle melodies and smooth vocals perfect for all your chill playlists. There are hints of Bowie here, mixed with a modern alt-rock vibe that works to create a familiar yet dynamic sound.

The track delves into the feeling of isolation and the longing for some kind of connection with people on a similar wavelength and frequency.

KEEF is the creation of Mike Juvenile & Marc Allan Gibbs formerly of The Juveniles. Having split from the Juveniles, they decided to focus their attention on a new project. KEEF combines the working-class punk elements of The Juveniles with other genres such as psychedelic and indie rock. Their music is very much influenced by their working class roots.

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