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Kayla Mickelsen – Heavy [Review]

Kayla Mickelsen – Heavy [Review]

We take a listen to the new mesmerizing track from young Nashville based singer/songwriter, Kayla Mickelsen.

After Kayla Mickelson left American Idol back in 2016, having made it to the top 51, she told people that the “journey doesn’t end here.”  Now we can see that she was deadly serious.  Heavy, which Kayla co-wrote and which was co-produced by Dan Asip, seizes your attention from the onset. A brief rushing and dreamy sounding synth introduces the singer’s smooth, laid back vocals. Her influences include the legendary country/jazz artist Patsy Cline, and this is certainly evident in Kayla’s soft jazz-like vocal style. This is teamed with a perfectly stripped back guitar riff, kicking drums (Bennett Emery) and a killer bass-line.

Then come all the other elements of this song, including a beautifully mournful sound on the chorus. This is made up from vocals and guitar, and echoes Kayla’s apprehensive feelings of moving forwards, but also of being alone. Then come the well placed chords and short guitar melody, along with citrus sounding chimes. This could easily be the soundtrack for summer 2018. Credits also go to George Seay for co-production and engineering. The bass guitar was pretty awesome too, did I mention that? The number one focus here though, is Kayla Mickelson’s sublime voice, and you will want to listen to her over and over again.

From Kayla’s roots in Geneva, Illinois, to her now home and musical base in Nashville, not forgetting her time in Hollywood, this extremely promising young singer/songwriter has achieved a huge amount so far, and her quirky yet refreshing talent is one that is tipped for even bigger things to come.  Keep a look out for her in 2018.


Review by Elaine Summers

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