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‘Skeleton Park’ is the eerily beautiful new track from Canadian indie band ‘Kasador’.

Do you ever listen to a song a feel like you’ve been sucked into a completely different world? Well this is a perfect example of that. From the delicate guitar intro to the strings later on, there is not a moment here that does not have the potential to blow you away.

I have to talk about the voice though. What an incredible voice. It’s even more outstanding when you realise that this is the first song that keyboardist Nick Babcock has been the lead singer on. The opening line that Babcock sings is enough to amaze anyone, and it goes from strength to strength as the song goes on.  

The arrangement of the instruments is incredible, with the beautiful combination of acoustic guitar, light drums and strings. Paired with the vocals, the ensemble of these components blend together to create an atmosphere that is very rare to find in emerging artists. The production on the song sounds as professional as can be, and does not make it sound like a band who have yet to release a full length album.

The video for this track was released in the lead to ahead a string of upcoming North American tour dates, and comes from their ‘Come Get Yer Money’ EP.


Review by Joseph Russ

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