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Karval – Tu Sabes (Maestro) ft. Lisandro Meza

Karval – Tu Sabes (Maestro) ft. Lisandro Meza

Cumbia artist Karval has released his latest single ‘Tu Sabes (Maestro)’ featuring Lisandro Meza.


Featuring Lisandro Meza, one of the great pioneers of Cumbia music in Colombia, ‘Tu Sabes (Maestro)’ is the latest highly energetic and positive single to come from Colombian musician Karval. Written by Karval, ‘Tu Sabes (Maestro) is a poignant song that speaks about love of family and community, and the feeling of togetherness that music can bring. Taking on a whole new meaning with the global impact of Covid-19, ‘Tu sabes (Maestro)’ articulates the longing to hug and hold family members that are either far away or no longer with us. The collaboration between these two great artists gifts us the infectiously catchy and upbeat ‘Tu Sabes (Maestro) which is sure to be an end of summer hit!

Discovered at a young age by Julio Ernesto Estrado ‘Fruko’, Karval has been a household name in Cumbia music since his 1995 album ‘Perfume Caribe’. Lucky enough to be able to travel and study in the United States, Karval has a rich and diverse background to draw from musically, having worked with Iván Calderón and Fernando Jaramillo, and forming and performing in many musical groups. A champion of Cumbia, a latin style of music famous in Colombia, his music invites you to dance and enjoy life. He has dedicated his lockdown to writing and recording music with a positive message in order to help people cope with the devastating effects of Covid-19.

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