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Kaitlin Huwe – King Size Bed [Review]

Kaitlin Huwe – King Size Bed [Review]

Have a listen to the beautiful new Kaitlin Huwe track, ‘King Size Bed’.

‘King Size Bed’ by Kaitlin Huwe is an epic etherial slow-jam from multi-disciplinary artist Kaitlin Huwe. This harrowing love song features sensuous beats, and sky dancing vocal melodies.

Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist Edan Frei (Geffen/Interscope) brought a fresh electronic pop production to Huwe’s unique modern-folk sound. This track is expansively cinematic and deeply intimate, at the same time.

Brace your heart, because Huwe’s words will cut you to the core. The lyrics are literally pulled from a personal letter she wrote to a childhood friend, about her breakdown that led to a breakthrough.

The song is produced and mixed by Edan Frei (Geffen/Interscope) and mastered by Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer, Emily Lazar at The Lodge NYC, assisted by Chris Allgood.

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