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Kaddy Kobain – Nevermind the Trap: A Tribute [Review]

Kaddy Kobain – Nevermind the Trap: A Tribute [Review]

Nevermind the Trap: A Tribute is a new 10-track homage to Nirvana from Atlanta-based artist & producer Kaddy Kobain.

This unique project features lyrical covers from Kurt Cobain over trap and hip-hop beats, resulting in a smooth and sometimes strange listening experience. It’s a distinctive and interesting take on a classic album, shining a whole new light on Nevermind and casting some shadows you won’t quickly forget.

Kaddy Kobain’s music is clearly influenced by 90s Grunge rock and southern style trap artists including 808 Mafia, Southside, Metro Boomin’, and Sonny Digital. His sound is a genre bending fusion of trap beats, unique vocals, and melodies inspired by grunge artist, while his performance style is engaging and high energy. Kobain describes himself and his music, as “trippy, trappy, grungy”.

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