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JW Francis – New York [Review]

JW Francis – New York [Review]

JW Francis releases his catchy new single New York.

Who better to write a song about New York than a licensed tour guide of The Big Apple? JW Francis has turned his attention from guided tours to writing music, bringing us an awesome bit of lo-fi bedroom rock. It has all the elements of a great tune. The mix of dreamy guitar hooks and lofty vocal melodies combine to produce a finely crafted banger.

The rhythm is constantly busy, matching the hustle and bustle of the city perfectly. You get carried away with the charm of the track, too, as the twee style sends you into a state of wonderment. Just like Mac Demarco, JW Francis uses the best parts of the lo-fi bedroom genre and makes it his own. This is a stellar track that has all the ingredients to make you sway.

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