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Junodream – Galactica [Review]

Junodream – Galactica [Review]

Junodream have just released their first self-produced debut single ‘Galactica’, filled to the brim with nostalgia and a love for the DIY approach.

Starting out in Bristol and moving to London, recently announced band Junodream have been playing together for a few years. Taking inspiration from the rock and alternative grunge scene of the 90s they have managed to produce a track that seemingly has all major rock bands of the era within it. From the likes of Radiohead and The Verve to more trip-hop artists such as Air and Massive Attack. This clear influence makes their new track ‘Galactica’ the perfect medication for any inner pre-2000s angst.

Being the perfect track to just throw on and get involved with the times the band reveal how they managed such a clean recording. “We decided to create our very own home recording studio – Junodream HQ. With five basic microphones we managed (mainly through trial and error) to get our tracks to a level where we’re really happy with them. It’s given us much more freedom to be creative and has meant that the volume of written material has gone through the roof.”

Having just played Pickle Factory in London last Wednesday this new and fresh take on the whole 90s scene is sure to get fans up and excited. With new material in the works and already 350+ plays on SoundCloud it looks like the people want 90s reminiscence.


Review by Charlie Hall

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