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Junodream get playfully strange in the music video for their new single, ‘Fire Doors’

Junodream, a London-based group of friends, have forged a creative approach to alt-rock, and it shines brightly on ‘Fire Doors’, their latest release. Combining elements of psychedelia and 90s indie rock, Junodream are a band driven by a clear love of good music, and anchored by the close bonds between them.

The production is gorgeously polished on ‘Fire Doors’, but their sound manages to remain intriguingly experimental. The instrumentation is also impressively developed, led by creative psychedelic electric guitar ideas and great dialogue between the guitar players. The vocals are full of brave youthful bravado, with lyrics like: ‘I don’t need your money, I don’t need your time.’ However, there’s also melancholic undertones in the vocals that add to the complexity of the track.

The music video sees Junodream jumping around a white backdrop as they give a wild and weird performance of ‘Fire Doors.’ Clearly despite their obvious talent, Junodream don’t take themselves overly seriously, and they aren’t afraid to have fun while making great music.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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