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Julia Juban – Fox & Rabbit [Review]

Julia Juban – Fox & Rabbit [Review]

Julia Juban shares her hauntingly beautiful debut, Fox & Rabbit.

It’s a serene and excellently made track, with a sweetly woven vocal melody draped over the minimalistic guitar work. Juban captivates you from the start as you become awestruck by the amazing vocal range on show. The stripped-back nature of the track is perfect for those who love to sit back and let the music take them away.

Fox & Rabbit has a Nick Drake-like guitar composition, and the same lofty vocal heights you would find in a Joanna Newsom ballad. It has a striking maturity, as the two components work in tandem to produce a track that is perfectly crafted. It’s in the goldilocks zone of compelling folk music. It’s not too complex and not too simple, it’s just right. Fox & Rabbit is an excellent debut from Juban, and I know I will be excited when more comes along.

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