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Joyner – Welcome to Your Life, You’re a Star

Joyner – Welcome to Your Life, You’re a Star

‘Welcome to Your Life, You’re a Star’ is the first offering from the dream-pop sisters.

Californian sisters Summer and Torrey Joyner first starting making music together at a young age, taking influence from their surrounding landscape and encouraged by their rebel father and more conservative mother.  Nearly a decade later, the sisters used their early years of musical experimentation to form Joyner.  Their first offering is a self-titled EP featuring the track ‘Welcome to Your Life, You’re a Star.’

‘Welcome to Your Life, You’re a Star’ introduces us to what are certain to become the sisters’ trademark harmonies.  Such harmonies are ones that could only be achieved by the closeness of siblings.  I refer you here to The Beach Boys, The Carpenters and Haim.  However, the overall sound of ‘Welcome to Your Life, You’re a Star’ is closer to that of Lorde, which being the sound of now is sure to appeal to any self-respecting pop music fan.  Add to this, the honest and vulnerable almost diary-like lyrics, which flow in tandem with a dreamy soft synth-augmented backing and this is bound to be one of the most romantic sounding song that you will hear all year.


Review by Alice Jones

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