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Jouska – And I’m Sorry [Review]

Jouska – And I’m Sorry [Review]

‘And I’m Sorry’ is the addictive new track from indie-electro outfit Jouska.

The lyrics “And I’m Sorry” are sung and split to set up the songs rhythm, while drums are added to create an opposing layer for the simple beat. Piano lines create a nice texture as Jouska’s sound begins to take shape. The vocals are soft throughout, starting quite melancholic in the verse before the breaks and chorus becomes more delicate and intriguing. In parts, the synths sound like they are from an old Nintendo game and role round and round as they winds up to the chorus. The bass synth is deep and dark but bounces at points to give the song more energy, and the drums also become much more complex with subtle hi hats and clicks.

The song then takes a surprising turn, creating an organised mess that is over before you have realised it’s started. A fast paced, energetic moment that divides the song before its closing chorus. The surges of bass and synths in all of choruses urge the song forward and provide a real sense of power. This new one from Marit Thorvik and Hans Settem, who comprise this Norse duo, is a dynamic and intricate electronic indie track that leaves questions to be answered.

Their full debut EP ‘Frog Fiction’ is out on the 13th of April where hopefully more obscurities lay ahead.


Review by Matt Fishwick

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