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Joseph Trem – I Just Wanna Have Some Fun [Review]

Joseph Trem – I Just Wanna Have Some Fun [Review]

Singer-Songwriter Joseph Trem is back with his latest single, ‘I Just Wanna Have Some Fun.’

With influences such as Prince, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jackson, Trem has created his own sound that is a unique hybrid of generations of pop greats — and with a title like this, listeners know they’re in for a fun treat.

“I Just Wanna Have Some Fun’ features throwback elements partial music of the late 90s; with a title like that, who could expect anything less (though, Madonna’s hit ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ did come out in the decade prior.)?

Featuring sonic elements and vibrant synth tunes, this track is undeniably catchy tune. Trem shapeshifts between iconic music styles and artists of the 90s. One moment he is all five of the backstreet boys; the next, he’s Britney Spears — and not just any Britney. VMAs Britney.

In creating an homage to the 90s at a 2019 skill level, Trem has, without a doubt, succeeded. But the finished product is almost amusing, creating a parody of itself. It is inspiring in its ability to make listeners smile and definitely dance along to the beat, but conclusively, ‘I Just Wanna Have Some Fun’ just has more of a viral quality about it than an industry-shifting quality.


By Madison Obermeyer

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