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Strum yourself to ecstasy with 9 tracks of jazz fusion from the talented collective that make up JORADU.

Jose Roman Duque brings us new compositions after a 7 years hiatus of no new personal projects. Coproducing with the grammy nominated Erik Aldrey and  some of the musicians that have played with him in the past and even some new ones to come up with an amalgam of powerful driven tunes that defy classification. At times Rock, At times, Jazz, Funk, World Music, and even Electronica, all this gives this album a complete rounded concept. Whether it is Manu Koch amazing piano playing, or Jon Durant (Burnt Belief guitarist wizard), or the haunting voice of Beatriz Malnič, or oven Jose’s own playing. Composing the music, playing drums, keyboards, piano, bass and even voice on some of the tracks. It will be upon the listener to classify this style of music. Jose claims there is lots of jazz in it, but also pulsating rock force and aggressive nature, world rhythms echoing some Flamenco from Cadiz, or Venezuelan’s Rhythms from the eastern coast. Somehow all those incongruent styles find a home in this project.

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