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Jordan Paul – Archetype X [Review]

Jordan Paul – Archetype X [Review]

Singer-Songwriter Jordan Paul shares his delicately poised track Archetype X.

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of folk and alt-rock artists, Jordan Paul has been described as the ‘Canadian Jeff Buckley’. I couldn’t have put it better myself, as Jordan has the same genre-fusing eye for detail the late icon had. Archetype X fits the bill as the sweet and emotionally tender ballad transforms into a controlled raucous of experimental wonder.

It’s always enjoyable to see an artist that is at the top of their game. Archetype X is a well constructed and impressive piece of music, with every single nuance having its part to play. It takes a few listens before you really see the whole picture. Whether it’s the ghostly harmonies or a slight shimmering guitar effect here and there, Archetype X is as awesome on the first listen as it is on the tenth. Bravo Jordan Paul, Bravo.

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