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John Roseboro – Woman [Review]

John Roseboro – Woman [Review]

Woman is the excellent second single from LA artist John Roseboro.

Armed with a talent for sweetly woven acoustic melodies and softly spoken vocal lines, it’s easy to see why John Roseboro has been heralded as the angel of LA. His laid back essence shines through with his revamp of the bossa nova genre. You are immersed into a world of smokey coffee shops and corduroy clad aficionados with his splendid new tune.

Taking inspiration from the bossa nova greats, Gilberto and Jobim, Roseboro leaves out some of the big band elements and nudges Woman into the stripped back folk sphere. It remains swingy and interesting, but there’s also a folk-like vulnerability underneath. The tune stays true to its bossa nova roots, as the thoughtful and tender lyrics woo you throughout. Woman is a thoroughly likeable track that’s designed to make you sway along to its soothing jam.

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